Friday, June 16, 2006

Explain This to Me Please

I was looking through my site stats this morning, and it showed a hit from a search for "Grandpa Smurf Having Sex."

[Insert befuddled expression here.]

What the.........? First of all, WHO would be searching for something like that, and second, WHY would it hit on this blog???

Okay, I know I did do the post with the 7 types of sex, and Smurf Sex was one of them, but it was a JOKE people... I am not into kinky cartoon sex. (We can discuss the kinky real sex later.)

How would kinky cartoon sex go anyway, just at the critical moment one of the participants (probably cute and furry) would stop and hold up a sign saying "Harder Faster," while the other participant (probably a little creepy looking, think Elmer Fudd), would hold up another sign saying, "You want this baby?" While pulling the cute furry participant's oversized ears.

Okay I have hit a new low. This post is disturbing on so many levels.


Odat said...

Alrighty now.....I used to think: "It's a sicko world out there, glad I'm not part of it" and you, 'D' just crossed over that line!!! OMG!!! Tsk tsk!!!

Just D said...

What.. you think Bugs Bunny never thought about sex?? How naive we are Odat. hehe

Besides, its not my fault.. I can't help it if a search for "grandpa smurf having sex" got me contemplating the subject. ;-)

Steven Swain said...

Smurfs didn't have genitals.

Just D said...

And you know this because......? When was the last time you saw a naked smurf??

Come on Steve, spill pal. hehe

Steven Swain said...

I'm serious (relizes irony in saying this considering the subject matter but continiues). They can't reproduce Smurf-on-Smurf. They're born when they're a blue moon, and they're always male. Smurfette was chemically created by Gargamel.

Yes, I watrched too many cartoons when I was little. :-)

Sassan Sanei said...

I thought I got a spam about this! Oh, here it is:

V1agra V1agra V1agra
C1al1s C1al1s
Canad1an RX meds
>>> Hot $murf $ex action right here! <<<
dursnt do it. Bless you, it would be start at absurd tactile

Just D said...

That's proof enough for me. If the spammers say it is so, then it is so.