Thursday, June 29, 2006

And So It Starts

I have mentioned in a couple of earlier posts about Boss #1's brother having passed away a few days ago, and about how he was a pretty well known blogger. I have been reading the comments on what was his blog, and reading posts on other blogs about the man. It seems everyone pretty much claims to have known him best. The guy was a tortured soul and I am not sure anyone really knew him.

I never met him at all, so I am not really one to judge. I do know the man's brother, however, and the outpouring of love on his brother's blog has overwhelmed and comforted him beyond measure. I mentioned yesterday that if only his brother had known how much he was loved. Boss #1 agreed.

The guy is gone, never to return, but his family is still here. If the "I knew him best" stories comforts them, then so be it. Let them continue.

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Sassan Sanei said...

It's so sad that we often wait until someone is gone before we tell them how much we care about them, and they never have an opportunity to find out.

About a month ago I heard out of the blue from someone I once knew, someone I cared deeply about and who truly understood me and who I am, but hadn't seen or heard from in 12 years. We had a conversation that I thought I would never have an opportunity in this lifetime to have, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

I didn't know your boss's brother, never even read his blog until today; I would never have known about it without your post. But he sounds like quite a character, having gone through more ups and downs in his life than most of us in a short period of time ever would. I wish he knew of the outpouring of love that has taken place for him that you described. May he rest in peace.