Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Fog of Idiots pretending to be important.

New Orleans mayor expresses "sinking feeling" about Katrina video

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin says he has a "sinking feeling" after seeing video of President Bush and key administration officials being warned of the catastrophic damage Hurricane Katrina could produce.

The videotape, obtained by The Associated Press, shows Bush and top officials were warned that the storm could breach levees, put lives at risk in New Orleans' Superdome and overwhelm rescuers.

Nagin, who watched the tape on a reporters' camera, recalled that federal officials blamed a "learning curve" for their slow response. But Nagin says the officials were apparently "fully aware."

Homeland Security officials have said the "fog of war" blinded them early on to the magnitude of the disaster.

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown blames what he calls "a fog of bureaucracy."

Here we go again. Let's blame the president for the weather. Idiots. Seems to me the actual MAYOR of the actual town that sustained the actual damage would be more in a position to know whether his town's levees are going to hold or not.

But then again, this is the mayor who wants his town to be "chocolate" at the end of the day.


Joe Bob said...

So, "mayor"....bitch and complain...then see how much money you could have had...that will now be spent on a pissing contest to see how much time and effort can be wasted in a finger-pointing fiasco. Get over it people..worry about fixing the here and now, and stop whining about "woulda, coulda. shoulda's"...

Sassan Sanei said...

Now, now... nobody's blaming the president for the weather. Just his administration's unbelievably poor response to its consequences, which were known. But that's okay, because the real threats are being contained. Now excuse me while I get these here nail clippers confiscated by airport security...