Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Epic Custody Battle

The likes of which have never seen before. If you think the fight between Alex Baldwin and Kim Bassinger over their one child is ugly, you haven't seen this one. Imagine them fighting over 5 kids... which is what is happening at my house.

I haven't mentioned the kittens lately. They are growing up nicely, very respectful (so far). Mama cat (Amelia) is a very attentive mother. HOWEVER, a problem has arisen.

Jake (my dog.. half chow, half retriever, can be intimidating when he wants to be), has decided that HE should be the kitten's mother. Yes you read that correctly.

Yesterday when I got home from work, Amelia and the kittens had disappeared. I finally located them behind some furniture I have been rearranging, but lo and behold there were only 3 kittens there. Where were the other two?? In the hallway on top of a pile of laundry. Both kittens were soaking wet. What happened was that Amelia got tired of Jake sticking his big head in the box and nuzzling the kittens, so she attempted to move them. Jake stopped her from taking two of them, and he kept them for himself. They were wet because he licks em all over (I've seen him do it).

Okay.. soooo... I moved the kittens back to their box, including the two wet kittens, and Amelia followed me and attempted to get into the box with her babies. Oh no, Jake wasn't having that. He was fine with the kittens being in the box, but he snarled at Amelia when she tried to get in with them. I smacked him upside the head, told him to get a grip, and all was quiet until bedtime.

I went to bed and Amelia decided she was going to move the babies again. Okay fine whatever, just be quiet about it. Again, all was fine, until this morning when I was getting ready to leave for work. I moved the kittens back to their box so I could close the bedroom door. Jake was greeting the babies as if he hadn't seen them in ages, licking them and nuzzling them. Amelia was even okay with that, she followed me then attempted to get into the box with her babies. Jake then snarled and snapped at her, refused to let her get into the box.

Okay. My dog is a freak.

I moved the kittens back to their hidey hole myself.

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markoos said...

your dog has issues. get it a chew toy or soemthing?