Thursday, February 16, 2006

Boycott time.

That's it. I've had it. I am so sick and tired of these people and their constant whining about us lowly consumers causing their children to go hungry and hinting that we are stealing the clothes off of their backs.

Enough is enough dammit!

Am I the only one who is sick of seeing people like Mick Jagger and Britney Spears living as if they owned the world and all the cash in it, all the while having their record companies whine and complain about a few people downloading their songs? Well now they have decided that even if we DO purchase the CDs, we are not allowed to use it as we like, it is completely at their discretion to dictate to us what we do with something that we bought and paid for.

This is it. I REFUSE to buy another CD EVER. I don't care if it is the best song in the world, I ain't buying it. Fuck em.

Oh, and you guys in the band A Perfect Circle? You can thank your record companies. Yours was the next one I was going to buy. No more. Nu uh. I'll stick to (what is still free) radio.


Sassan Sanei said...

Ripping a CD to listen to on your iPod is fair use under U.S. and Canadian copyright law. Making a backup copy is also fair use.

Whether the RIAA likes it or not is another matter, but unless/until the courts rule otherwise, the RIAA's opinion doesn't matter.

They are probably realizing that they can't sell multiple copies of the same song to the same individual. Why would I download a song from iTunes for $0.99 to listen to on my iPod when I already have it on a CD that I bought 5 or 10 years ago?

Because there is no technological advantage to doing so. Many years ago, I went out and, at great expense, bought CDs to replace all my favorite cassettes and LPs. Why? Because the sound quality was better. But iTunes sound quality is worse than CD. Inperceptibly worse, but worse nonetheless. So there is no longer a market for selling "classic" albums to the same buyer over and over again.

Anyway, who cares what the RIAA thinks?

Sassan Sanei said...

(That should be "imperceptibly." It was a typo. I can spel.)

Just D said...

I don't care what they think, I'm just sick to death of hearing about it, and when I am nagged to death about something I tend to rebel.

I'm officially rebelling. ;-)