Friday, January 27, 2006

There is something wrong with this.

"The girls face possible expulsion from school." (emphasis mine)

Read This.

How can it be that a high school girl can blatantly try to ruin a man's life, can play up and manipulate her daddy to the point of the man stepping in to defend his little girl, can lie to everyone involved in a concerted effort to cause the innocent teacher assistant harm, and only possibly be expelled from school? She and all of her little clique need to be freaking arrested, not just expelled. It is time for shit like this to be dealt with a little stronger than just expelling. A man's life was almost totally ruined because she was a little miffed. Ridiculous.

I first heard of this yesterday on a national radio program, the host saying that although he didn't agree with what the father did, he did understand why he did it. Turns out the precious little angel was lying to everyone, in hopes of getting the man fired out of revenge for something he reported her for.

Girls are scary creatures, they truly are. I can say this with complete confidence because 1) I is one; and 2) I had one.


Sassan Sanei said...

It's a terrible thing to unjustly tarnish another man's character that way - but what's even worse is that every time somebody makes up a story like this, it makes it that much harder to believe the next story that comes along. So when there is a real incident of inappropriate behaviour that should be dealt with, the victim would be reluctant to report it for fear of not being believed. Making up stories like this therefore end up hurting real victims even more. :(

Just D said...

All the more reason to impose a harsher punishment than just expulsion. It isn't like she is suspected of not telling the truth, its proven she lied. She needs her ass kicked.

Sassan Sanei said...


Jail seems justified in this case.

GermanChocolateGirl said...

I so agree with you! I never heard this part of the story.

markoos said...

those are some serious accusations.

if you lie to the police you go to jail / fined.

she should get some community service or something for this.