Thursday, January 26, 2006


Sometimes I come across a blog that I read, not because I enjoy it, but because its like watching a train wreck in progress.

Remember the one who posted a pic of her boobs because she was "too lazy to email" the picture to someone? Well now she posts a fucking novel about what she calls her "brain injury" daughter. Her daughter is 23 years old, working two full time jobs and has a boyfriend that the idiot mother despises. The daughter has put on weight (as some of us tend to do), and occasionally asks her parents for money (seems normal to me so far) which, according to idiot mom, seems to signify that is proof that her daughter is damaged and is beyond hope. This woman thrives on crisis, and if there isn't one she creates one. She blogs about how horrible of a person she herself is, so the commenters will tell her she's great.. she blogs about her horrible child, her "brain injury" child, whom by the way, she didn't realize had a brain injury from when she was 3 until she was an adult, so the commenters will offer endless sympathy. She's a perpetual victim, and she writes a blog and feeds off the support she gets in her comments. I'd post the address but I mostly don't want her to check this site out in her referral list and see what I wrote about her. (I'm bad I know.)

So, accordingly, if you want the address email me and I'll send it to ya. hehe

I can't stand drama queens.


Odat said...

No enough drama in my own life....(now come back and say: awwww and lift my confidence)

Just D said...

No no no, that isn't the way it is supposed to work, you are supposed to boost MY self esteem. Maybe if I write something pathetically tragic?

Sassan Sanei said...

"This woman thrives on crisis, and if there isn't one she creates one."

I can't stand that. There are lots of people like that in the world!

markoos said...

yeah i have a friend just like that. well she' more of an ex-friend now.

drama drama drama, it's like her coccaine.