Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Popularity is such a curse.

Then there is this (for lack of a better word) "quote" from Liz Hurley:

Liz Hurley says she hates being so famous. “The positive things are very shallow; the positive things would be things like: Getting any restaurant reservation you like! Getting to the front of the line! Being given free things! So what?” the former model turned actress told the Observer magazine. “The traveling is monstrous because you get bothered all the time. The hell of going on holiday when you’re famous! You can’t go anywhere! It’s just no fun!”
Sorry Liz. You aren't that famous. Austin Powers is cuter than you.

You know what is bad is I used to like the girl until she became so full of herself. Now I can only think of her as that woman that used to have a cute(ish) boyfriend who would rather pay an ugly prostitute for sex than have sex with her, and who then dumped her because he liked the prostitutes better.

Okay I made that last bit up.

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markoos said...

ha ha.

proving celebrities are idiots.