Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I love it.

I want to know, is Christmas still going on in Australia? Our pal seems to be amongst the missing.

Alrighty then. Here is an interesting story I found:

Maxwell Edison Released from Prison

LIVERPOOL: Maxwell Edison, the infamous hammer murderer was released from HM Prison yesterday morning New Zealand time. Edison was released after serving 31 years for the murder of three people in a weeklong killing spree in 1969.

Maxwell Edison, once majoring in medicine, murdered his girlfriend Joan and his teacher with a silver hammer before being apprehended by police. Maxwell's reign of terror did not end there, however, while being tried for the first two killings, Edison murdered High Court Judge Harry Singer.

PC31, was certainly a surly one, when he heard the news of Edison's release. "The man was just plain dirty, running around knocking people on the head with that hammer of his. He should be locked up for the rest of his life."

Many Liverpool residents feel the same. Sid Flowers, a Merseyside plumber summed up the sentiments of many Liverpudlians. "I don't think he should be released. It's idiots like Maxwell who encourage other psychopaths to try the same thing."

Civil liberties spokesperson Cliff Walker was one of the few people pleased to see Edison released from prison. "What he did was wrong, but he has paid his debt to society and therefore must go, must go free."

Edison is reported to be moving back to his mothers house before settling back in to the community proper to start work as a hardware salesman.

256,339 points to anyone who can tell me why this story is so significant (without Google's assistance). ;-) (You'd have to have been living in a box for the last 50 years to not know this one.)

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