Thursday, January 05, 2006

Absolutely Livid

I have a family member that no matter what you do for this person, no matter how far you go in your efforts to help this person out, they do anything and everything they can to completely self destruct.

In the last year I have 1) loaned them a down payment for a car; 2) co-signed for the car; 3) drove them to the hospital after an overdose; 3) taken off work to make sure they get the help they needed; 4) took over the payments of the car when they defaulted on the loan... among other things. I could go on and on. This person is an adult, looks like an adult, wants to be treated as an adult, yet no matter what, no matter how much progress they make in their lives, they seem to make a pointed effort to slit their own throat and make sure that nothing works out, and that anyone that helps them is left holding the bag.

I've had enough. But how do you write off your own child.

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