Monday, December 05, 2005


I thought my blog was gone forever. I tried to log in and I got the page not found error.. okay (thought I), it must be a Blogspot thing and it'll be fixed before long. So I waited, and tried to log in again. Blogspot seemed to be back in working condition, but when I tried to go to my blog it said Blog Not Found. Oh My God. My blog is dead. It's dead. Panic set in. I tried another blog that I have bookmarked, it was working fine. OH MY GOD its dead its dead its dead. I tried mine again. Blog Not Found. I tried logging in.. yup, I could log in. I tried another blog that I had bookmarked. WHEW.. it was gone too. Blogspot was still fixing glitches.

That was my adrenaline rush for the night. I'm exhausted.. time for a nap.

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