Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ho Ho Ho

Today was the Christmas party at work. I have been unusually Scroogish this year, but I have to admit that we do have a good time, and I came home with a helluva haul. Presents from Boss #1: DVD of Eating Raoul. I've never seen it but he's been telling me for ages that I need to rent it. DVD of a collection of B horror movies called Garden of the Dead Zombie Collection. Boss #1 knows I love those old B movies. He also got for me a $50 gift card from the local mall, yeahhh baby.

Boss #2 got me a HUMONGOUS, GIGANTIC and even HUGE food basket full of really cool chocolate stuff, Godiva chocolates and Ghirardelli chocolates, biscotti, (and oddly a package of smoked salmon that seemed really out of place), among other things. He also got me a gift box from Hickory Farms. And a giant tin of chocolate gourmet cookies, and a bottle of wine with which to wash it all down with. I think he must have decided I look hungry.

One of the other attorneys in the office gave me a big box of peanuts.

And another a package of cookies.

And another a coffee cup with chocolates in it.

From one of the other assistants in the office I got a package of cookies from her mom, some bath goodies and a nice smelly candle.

What I figured out from these gifts is that the people I work with think am warped, I smell funny and that I am on the verge of starvation.

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