Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Please please PLEASE check the facts in an email before you decide you must forward it for the good of the people.

Also, attaching a photo of a disabled American Vet does not make the email any more true.

Congressmen and senators do NOT get 100% pay when they retire:  HA

Families, friends and co-workers of congressmen and senators DO have to pay back student loans: IN YOUR FACE

And being disgruntled because you didn't plan for retirement doesn't make the stupid email any more relevant.  If it is full of untrue statements, DON'T FORWARD IT.


Jess said...

I so heart you. Alot.

(Word Verification: midgin SO close to midget!)

Jess said...

Are you gonna ever blog again? Seriously slack.

Deb said...

What, you want to hear my continuing adventures of the slack ass, satan worshiping, murder plotting, adultery committing soon to be step-son?

I'm pretty bored with the whole subject, myself.

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