Thursday, April 07, 2011

This Is My Opinion and I'm Sticking To It

If you read my last post you know the shock I had when I discovered what had been done by someone I considered a friend (in days gone by, anyway). Short version - church minister, adopted daughters, sexual abuse, etc. etc, blah blah blah - we hear so many stories like that these days that it is almost commonplace (although no less tragic). I've been following the news reports (the internet is a wonderful thing), and seeing my old partner in that setting has made me respect her more every day. She did what we all hope we never have to do, she turned in the love of her life to the police to protect her children. She did the right thing.

Unfortunately, in looking up the news reports on this, I also stumbled across many blogs leaping on this story and basically saying SEE SEE? See how evil Christians are?? Such misguided people.

Christianity isn't a person. If it were it would have failed within six months of its inception. Christianity isn't a church for that very same reason. Christianity isn't attending services every Sunday or inviting the pastor over for a nice meal or keeping up with the neighbors or scorning someone that you have decided was not as good as you. Christianity is keeping your faith close to your heart no matter what storm is going on around you.

Christianity is knowing that God loves you, even when you feel overwhelmed. Christianity is NOT looking down your nose at people, its accepting everyone and leaving the judgments for God to decide.

What that minister did was damaging to Christianity in the fact that so many people look for bad behavior to hold up to the world and point out to everyone how dirty Christianity is. Christianity can be dirty and rotten - but only because humans can be dirty and rotten. Its in our nature, but I find it pointless to judge an entire religion on one person's despicable behavior.

Am I a Christian? Yes, I think so. I live a sinful life, I drink, I smoke, I am living with a man without benefit of marriage (fornication, anyone?). My parents were shocked, my friends from my old regimented Christian life were appalled, but oh well. I still believe in God and deep down I feel he still believes in me.

I guess I'll find out eventually, eh?

**Edit:  It was pointed out to me that I associate with gays as well.  Its true, I confess - one of my best friends is a lesbian.. yes I said it, she's LESBIANESE.  Pretty sure it won't send me to hell though.  ;-)


Jess said...

You forgot to mention that you associate with the gays. HEATHEN!!!

Deb said...

There. Fixed. lol