Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have Ya Ever....

Been going about your business and it suddenly dawned on you that you would remember that moment for the rest of your life? It was a quiet and unobtrusive moment, nothing special happening, we were just driving down the street.

This was playing on the radio:

The windows were down, it was kind of warm, we had just left the hockey game in downtown D.C. - traffic was a little slow going.

For some reason that moment has imprinted in my brain. Its not a bad thing to remember, a warm(ish) night, good music, hanging with my man.

Blame it on my ADD baby.


Jess said...

Yes, each time I hear some Mika, I think, WOW, I used to have such a great office mate UNTIL SHE DECIDED TO GO FALL IN LOVE (puking rainbows and unicorns right now) AND RUIN EVERYTHING! GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

So yeah, I know what you are saying.

Deb said...

You can puke rainbows and unicorns?? Now THAT is a talent I didn't know you had. If I had known then your hangover days would have been much more exciting.