Friday, April 15, 2011


I have a thang (yes a thang) for good, old-fashioned chicken fried steak.  (Or country fried steak, as some of you prefer.)  The problem is I didn't know how to cook it so the only time I ever got any was if we went to a restaurant that served it.  We're mostly a fast-food family so that didn't happen often.  I did get some a few weeks ago when the WRS was here, he said it looked disgustingly like something the Scottish would dream up.


So anyway, using my talents here to make a short story very long - it starts this way:

J had gone shopping at the Commissary and brought home a London Broil.  I've had these before but had no clue how to fix them correctly because every time I tried it turned into a chewy lump.. tasted okay but nearly impossible to chew, so because of that the weird chunk of meat has set in our freezer for a while.  On Monday I decided to tackle that thing and win.

I cut it in half, then sliced each half until I had 4 thinner steaks.  I then proceeded to beat the living shit out of it with a meat tenderizer sledgehammer.

(Not the actual sledgehammer.)

IT WAS AMAZING!  Those little 4 inch steaks, after I had beaten them to death had spread out to the size of dinner plates!  It was like magic!  Who knew. 

After working all of my frustrations out on those innocent chunks of meat, they were ready for cooking.  I dipped em in egg/milk, rolled em around in flour/salt/pepper/garlic powder, slapped them in the frying pan - they were big enough that I could only cook one at a time, and VOILA - country fried steaks.

Throw some white gravy on those babies and you are good to go.

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised.  Most of my experiments turn out to be dismal failures.  This one was a screaming success.

There we have it, another successful post about pretty much nothing at all.

I'm happy.  :-)


Jess said...

You and Krystal would have a blast in the kitchen! She makes shit up all the time! P.S. I am SUPER hungover today. Like how it used to be back in the day. I now remember how painful it is.

Deb said...

Do you need an epic breakfast? On a bacon plate?