Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I was having a phone conversation with J yesterday and his son came into the room. I wasn't feeling well (still am not really), but was coughing and making all the sick people noises I could make to garner sympathy. J's son stands there looking at me for a minute and begins talking to me, and it was apparent to his dad that what he was saying was annoying me, and told me that he didn't mean to be contrary, he thinks he's being funny. I said yes he does mean to be contrary - name me one 21 year old that doesn't. He laughed and said good point.

The conversation with the son went like this:

Me: *cough*
Him: Still sick eh?
Me: Yes well, it was only 2 hours ago that you noted I was sick, do you know anyone that gets better that quickly?
Him: I never get sick.
Me: You do too, you were sick a few weeks ago.
Him: That was 3 months ago.
Me: Well you get sick then, don't you.
Him: Rarely.
Me: 3 months doesn't seem rare to me.
Him: But it is, I rarely get sick!
Me: You see that I'm on the phone, right?

After later considering this conversation, and contemplating his dad feeling the need to point out that his son doesn't mean to be contrary.. and especially now after reading how the conversation went, I have come to a difficult conclusion.

It was me being contrary. Yes, I was the contrary one. But that's okay, cause I'm sick. And its my house. And he ate all my picante sauce.


curmudgeon said...

Being a contrarian is fun! I do it all the time! And get in lots of trouble for it too!

Deb said...

You're right, it can be fun - but the trouble that comes with it isn't much fun.

But then again, he DID eat all my picante sauce, so he deserved it.