Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Was Nice

You know how when you don't see a person for a long time and then you do, and you realize how much you miss them?  Yeah that's me and the WRS. 

I met him for lunch yesterday before he flew off, back to the mythical land of England.  (Seriously, everyone keeps telling me England is there, but I've never seen it - so its mythical.)  Anyway, back to the topic of lunch.  I met him at the airport since I was too big of a wuss to drive in to Baltimore to fetch him (I remember the days of driving across country all by myself, I think there is something wrong with me).  We parked our arses at one of the airport restaurants and sat there talking non-stop for 3 solid hours.  I don't talk to anyone for 3 hours!  He kept me entertained by telling me about university politics (sounded like a bunch of sharks circling their prey). 

So yes, I had a very nice time spending time with the man.  I knew I missed him, but I didn't really realize how much until he was sitting in front of me.  Best friends like him are rare.  If you have one hold on to them.

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Odat said...

I'm playing catch up here...
Nice that you met up with him again!!