Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year to Me.

See the bottle above? J's son decided to celebrate the incoming New Year with a bottle of Jagermeister, just like the one above. Not being the kid's actual parent, I decided to shy away from adding my input to the decision, seeing as the kid is of legal drinking age, and the fact that his father was sitting across the room from me... and if his father was okay with it who was I to say no. Right? RIGHT?

Oh how I regret not speaking up.

The kid is in school during the week and he left last night to return to school. He had closed his bedroom door, but since we have 3 cats in the house (see post below), I thought I heard a noise in his room so opened the door to make sure there wasn't a cat locked in there (I swear that's all I was doing!). Anyway... I opened the door to this bedroom... in what I still consider J and my brand new house.... I opened the door... and I swear to fuck it looked like a murder scene in there. RED Yagermeister vomit all over the carpet. Beige. Carpet. It was a damn good thing the kid had gone back to school or it would have been an actual murder scene.

I thought he was being awfully quiet the last couple of days.

Now to come up with an appropriate - yet severe - response to the damage he has done.

No. I'm not going to kill him. I slept on that decision and ruled against it. But any response should make him wish I had just gone ahead and put him out of his misery.

Any suggestions?


Jess said...

That is totally gross. I can't stand the stuff anyway, but just thinking about what it must be like coming back up AND on your carpet. HELL NAW.

He will probably have to die for this.

Deb said...

No no no, no death. But we have decided he will pay for it to be professionally cleaned, and that he had better hope that the stains come out because if they don't then he will be replacing the carpet in that room.

He's not going to like that at all. lol