Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sprickets Everywhere!

When I lived in Savannah I had to tolerate Palmetto Bugs... gigantic cockroachy things that sneak in your house no matter how diligent you are about cleaning, no matter how much money you had, no matter where you lived. They were just there and you had to live with it (or do like me, get a dog whose greatest pleasure was killing them).

Here in Maryland we have Sprickets a/k/a Camel Crickets. I realize they are just weird looking crickets, but I was told they were part spider and that was enough for me.

They live in your house and there is nothing NOTHING that you can do about it. I was also told they bite, which makes it even creepier.

BUGS ARE TAKING OVER! And cats. Cats are taking over too. I think I shall go hide in my bedroom now.


Jess said...

What the effin crap is THAT!?!? I am super glad we don't have those...except we do have those giant spiders whose legs are STILL hanging out of that one vent in our old office!

Deb said...

The first time I saw one I screeched, asked John wtf was that thing.. he said its just a cricket. Ohhhh... weird looking cricket, but okay. Turns out he left out half the story. I confronted him about his negligence. He just grinned at me and went on as if nothing earthshattering had just happened. I still haven't forgiven him.

curmudgeon said...

Bah. A decent cat likes crickets.
And if it don't, it should be punted into the street.

Wait, that's a good idea anyway. Cats are evil moving targets.

wv: prengspo (?)

LilliGirl said...

cats usually enjoy them...and I believe if you put diatamaceous earth around your house they will die off and be gone