Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Christmas Day and the days surrounding it were quite busy.  We had J's kids here.. which was interesting and included a physical altercation between siblings.  I was in the kitchen whilst their father physically restrained and removed one sibling from the room (the man is stronger than he looks)...  and was happy to stay there. 

J's grandson, however, was here as well.  I was quite entertained by this 2 year old North Carolina boy and we spent nearly all waking minutes of his four days visiting together, just chillin.  He kept laying his head on me telling me he liked me... at one point he told me he didn't like me, right before he laid his head on my shoulder and cuddled up.  I didn't believe him.  There was one problem I had with the child though.  He flat refused to sit still!  I was trying to take pictures of him and in every single picture of him, one body part (or more) was a blur from his wiggling all over the place.  So to combat this problem I decided to take a video of him and then just run it and pick out a good shot of him to use as a picture.  Bad move.  He had decided he didn't want to be videoed and he told me to stop it.  I told him I was just trying to get a good picture of him... he commenced to cussing me out like a freaking sailor.


And I got it on video.  HAHAHAHAAA

Anyway...  I mentioned to his mother (after she had used a few choice words in a conversation) that her boy has been cussing at us.  She smiled, ruefully, and said that she has told him those fucking words were fucking bad, he knows they are bad, and then continued on as if nothing was said. 

The boy did try to back down when I told him those were bad words.  He tried to tell me he was a bad boy.  I said no, you are a good boy, but that word is bad.  NO I'M A BAD BOY!!



Jess said...

Family fights, cussing kids...I seriously missed out on some excellent fun this year. GAH!

Deb said...

Its true.

I'm thinking Borneo might be a good place to live. Do they have internet there?