Monday, November 08, 2010

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd She's Back (Yet Again)

There is something sublime about being able to sit at my desk in the middle of the night & chain smoke and drink energy drinks and play on the internet.  Except now:


We don't smoke in the house anymore. I have to go outdoors, in frigid Maryland weather, if I want a cigarette. Its getting to the point that it is too cold to bother with. Thank God I have my e-cigs.. but... unfortunately... for me... cuz I'm a stoopidhead... I lost the charger in the move. Well, its not lost, its packed and I have been unable to locate it, so no e-cigs for now. Those things are great though, they create water vapor instead of smoke, so you can use them anywhere (they say), no secondhand smoke, and they plug right into your USB port to recharge (if you don't lose your charger in oh.. say.. a house move).

In further news, J's son is now living with us. A 21 year old married man, but nobody will allow the two of them to live together in matrimonial bliss, so she lives with her parents still and he has just moved in with us. (Its a long long story.) Anyway, chores and him are unfamiliar friends and it seems to be up to me to make sure he pitches in and does some stuff around here. Last night after dinner I had cleaned the kitchen and about an hour later he comes down with dishes from his bedroom, which he piled in the sink and left for me to clean. Considerate, eh? I marched to the stairs and politely screamed JOSEPH!! GET DOWN HERE AND WASH THESE DISHES! He came down, rinsed them and went back up the stairs, leaving the rinsed dishes in the sink. I again politely went to the stairs JOSEPH!!! Him: Whut? Me: When I say wash the dishes, I mean turn on the freaking hot water, soap up the sponge, WASH THEM, dry them, andthenputthemwheretheybelongbecauseifyoukeepdishesinyourroompastthetimeofmeloadingthedishwasheritisuptoyoutowashwhatyouhavetherebecauseIamnotafreakingservanttowashyourdishesatyoureverywhim. Ya got it??? Him: Yes. I expected his dad to be a lil mad at me, but he just looked at me and smirked. I do love him lots. hehe

Another issue I am having is with my left knee. It hurts. A lot. I'm not sure what I did to it, twisted the hell out of it somehow, but walking the stairs in this place is sometimes quite painful, and unpacking is being done very slowly. I have no kneecap really, where it should be is approximately the size and shape of a basketball. Ace Bandages rule.  (I started to add something here about my ability to be on my knees and how lucky J is that it hasn't affected that, but I thought that would be uncouth and I'm all about couthiness on this blog.)

So there ya have it, a complaint post. Feel free to poke as much fun of me as you like.. I welcome your sarcasm and ridicule. Anything to take my mind off the 21 year old married man that is living in what should be J and my sex shack but has turned into a familial compound. (There's another post, his daughter informed us she was bringing her two cats for us to babysit.. for two months.  Ya think I went apeshit over the dishes?  That was nothing.)  



Jess said...

WHAT! No chain smoking while at the computer at a time before Jesus gets up?!? Crazy speak.

Yeah, boys, especially younger boys, are messy.

Do you guys not have a dishwasher?!?!?

Deb said...

We do have a dishwasher, but someone has to load it, it doesn't load itself.. but if you know of one that does load itself let me know, I'll be all over that like stink on dogshit.