Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween's a Comin'

I am attempting to get the house packed, but am getting very little cooperation. I was going to write a haunted post, but thought I'd do this instead. :-)

(p.s. Jess: I had a WEIRD ASS dream about having an affair with DRS last night. OMG it reminded me of you and some of our conversations in the office, LOL)


Jess said...

BWAHAHAHAHAAA! That is hilarious! I am so glad YOU finally had one...I still have one every now and then, but nothing like they were before...THANK GOD! It is so embarrassing to come to work sometimes after the debaucherous dreaming that has taken place the night before!

Deb said...

Oh don't worry.. I've had them before, but if I had told you that then I wouldn't have been able to give you such shit about yours.