Sunday, January 18, 2009


I love high heel shoes. I rarely wear them though because I have spoiled myself to comfort rather than the Fuck Me look. I want these first shoes though in a major way:

These are Carlos Santana shoes. Carlos Santana? The singer? I dunno, but I love his shoes.

I like the style of these but the color... not so much. If they had these in slut red I'd be all over them. Not even in slut red. These are Carlos Santana shoes as well. The first ones that I liked so much must have been a fluke.

Love these too. They have flowers imprinted on the bottom so when you are a murder suspect you are easily identifiable by your footprints. The color is interesting. It sort of reminds me of those fancy bowling balls that you see at the bowling alleys.

These are nice. Sensible, yet sexy. Something that schoolteacher who moonlights in the evenings at Temptations* would wear.

Shoes for the discriminating mummy wench. Although I am not sure how she is going to handle having that strap thing between her toes after the thousand years of being entombed in flats.

These shoes speak to me. They are saying, "Pssssssssst hey you! Where did you hide the paint remover??" Just kidding.. I actually kind of like these. They are unusual and slightly quirky, just like my friends.

Okay, I'll stop for now. I had loads of fun with this post. I think I may do this again sometime.

*Temptations - Strip club (and I mean that in the raunchiest sort of way) that is just across the border into South Carolina from Savannah.


CGHill said...

The singer, indeed. I have no idea why he got into shoe biz, but hey, it's Santana, you have to figure he's a degree or two off plumb.

(Off-topic: The sidebar gizmo that reads incoming RSS is reading my feed from four months ago.)

Jess said...

Temptations!!! Did someone say Temptations?!?

Those shoes made my eyes hurt, I can only imagine how my feet would feel.

Deb said...

I noticed that Mr. Hill... I've tried fixing it but will try again today. I blame Blogger.

and Jess...? I knew mentioning Temptations would get a reaction from you. hehe

Michael Caroff said...

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Good luck!