Thursday, September 25, 2008

Liberty Bell

Those nearest and dearest to me are familiar with my odd habit of having extremely strange and colorful dreams. I often wake up and launch into a story about what happened in the dream. After a few times of doing that the novelty wears off and I get stared at as if I have interrupted their important conversation to tell them the sky is blue or water is wet.

This time it was the Handsome JC’s turn. I told him that he had bought the Liberty Bell off of Ebay and when it arrived at our house, it turned out to be much smaller than I expected it to be, but it did come with a handy dandy display case for it. I wasn’t at all surprised (in the dream) that he could buy the Liberty Bell off of Ebay, and he wasn’t at all surprised that I would dream something so completely stupid. After I told him he didn’t bat an eyelash and just segued the conversation about how he only lives two hours from Philadelphia and has never been there to see it.

I love my family. hehe

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