Friday, August 29, 2008

Rant Rant Mutter Rant

I came home for lunch today to find a note on my door from apartment management (there was one on every door). They informed us that on September 1, 2008, they will be trimming the trees around the apartment complex and if our cars are in the way they will "regretfully" be forced to have them towed. Perturbed I was... so I called the management office. I helpfully reminded them that Monday was Labor Day. Yes, they agreed, it is. I went on to graciously remind them that most people will be at home on that day and asked if it was a mistake about the car towing thing. No, no mistake. I said, "Ya know, it is a holiday weekend, I've got company coming for the weekend, and you are telling me that if my car is in the parking lot on that day you are going to tow it??" Stutter. Apologies. But yes.

I am not a happy puppy at the moment and am so glad I am moving out of here.

I do believe a strongly worded letter is in order. hehe


Anonymous said...

I haven't lived in an apartment since 1980, and then only for about 11 months between overseas deployments. But I remember I didn't like it. Too many people,too close.

Anonymous said...

Time for another posting!