Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well That Didn't Take Long

Ms. Odat answered the test question almost before I had it typed. Yup, it is Moonshadow sung by Cat Stevens, which is my current favorite CD. I'm jealous that she actually saw this guy back when he was Cat Stevens and not Yusuf Islam.. although I watched a couple of videos of him singing now and he's still a damn good singer (apologies Yusuf for saying the word damn when describing you, but it applies).

My brother gave me this CD when we were driving from Dallas to my parents' place in Oklahoma last week. He said he didn't like it much. What??? How can anyone not be enthralled with Cat Stevens?? Damn Texan. He probably listens to country.

And now, on to other news that is happening in my general vicinity these days........

Yeah. That's it. Exciting isn't it?

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Odat said...

I even have this "album". Remember them???