Monday, June 09, 2008


I mentioned in the last post about JC's new motorcycle. I am excited for him as far as being excited about motorcycles go. I don't ride.. or at least I haven't in many years. He, however, is determined that I will relearn that particular skill. That is all well and good, but I told him that if he wants me to ride then he is going to have to find me one of these:

Name that tune. :-)

(I know of one person who will recognize this without a doubt, but will he comment.... to be seen I suppose.)


red molly said...

my boyfriend likes to tease me by singing:

"red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme .."

a '52 vincent black lightning of course !!

but he says my 'theme song' will always be "Beeswing" .....

rt is great - especially in concert !!

Deb said...

Very good red, 58,000 points to you. :)

red molly said...

umm........exactly where do I get to spend these points ? ;)

ps. Congratulations! gorgeous grand-daughter!!

Deb said...

Your points can be spent at any participating retailer.

Thanks, she is beautiful, she looks just like me. hehe