Friday, May 09, 2008

Lost Dog

This flyer for a lost dog was dropped off at our office. It has pretty much cracked everyone up.

click for the full effect

Body and fur are very similar to this & her face is kind of similar to this
Do Not Chase


Vagueness and not catching the dog is the way to go when looking for a lost dog, I guess.


BikerbabeNJ said...

One might think if they had pics, it would be of THE DOG ITSELF!!! no??? or is that just me???

~shaking head mumbling~ I see stupid people....

Jess said...

Oh. My. Gah. I forgot about this. You are the SHIT for posting this!! Good one! P.S. I am drunk and it is almost 1:00am. I think I will go to bed now. Love ya. Mean it.

Odat said...

Desperate times call for desperate means....