Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This person has been awful and mean to me for most of the day. I mentioned that I was having trouble seeing without my glasses today (because they are broken), and she said, of course, that it was all due to menopause. I am not amused.

I'm pretty sure it is just a case of pure jealousy because we both entered a raffle and I have informed her that I will be winning the laptop, so to keep her drool off of it. She was not amused.

The drawing is next week. Let's hope that we don't kill each other before then, although she has posted her Christmas List and I have just informed her that I like the vacuum and do believe I will get myself one and not let her touch it.



She just read this and her only comment was, "You suck." No imagination, I swear.


Odat said...

It IS menopause! (almost).

(from the other Bitch) :-)


Deb said...

I hate you all!


curmudgeon said...

Suck - vacuum - get it?