Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Movie Time!

I watched two (count em two) movies this past weekend. My professional critique on both of these movies are as follows:

1. Mad Money

I really had no intention of seeing this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It starts out with an upper middle class couple (Diane Keaton & Ted Dansen). He had lost his job and they found themselves deep enough in debt that they were going to lose their home. She decided she wasn't going to let that happen and went on a quest to find a job. The job she found was as a janitor at the bank that shreds old money (Federal Reserve Bank? I don't remember...) Anyway, after she is there for a while and the lure of all of that money starts getting to her, she hatches a plot to relieve them of just enough of that money that is destined for shreddom to get her and her husband out of debt. She convinces two other women who work there (Queen Latifah and I don't know who the other person was) to participate in the plot.

The movie was entertaining, not especially deep and meaningful. Diane Keaton is not especially convincing as a janitor. Queen Latifah is adoreable, I enjoy her in everything I've seen her in.

I won't give away the ending, but I will say that the movie is good for light entertainment.

Score: B+

2. Cloverfield

I had read reviews about this movie and had seen trailers for it which made me want to see it.

I was absolutely enthralled all the way through it. I was a little concerned (after Blair Witch) that the hand held movie camera angle of it would make me want to hurl, but I had no problem (thank god).

The movie starts out as a home movie of a guy who seemed to be absolutely in love with a girl. It then jumps to weeks later at this guy's going away party (he was moving to Japan for a job). The movie begins to get a little soap opera-ish, but then BOOM.. earthquake.. or something. Screams and panic ensue. The earthquake turns out to be a giant bug monster invading Manhatten. The home movie shots of the bug monster are mostly blurry and unclear (until the end), but the panic that the characters go through is very apparent.

Basically the entire movie was a home movie of a New York City monster invasion. It was GREAT. I was glued to the action the entire time.

Final Score: A

Go see this one.

Now..... back to the real world. Work calls.


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