Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Have You Ever..........

Woke up one day and realized that this is a turning point in your life, and whatever choice of direction you choose, you realize that it will be a completely different path than your life has been on so far?

Yeah. Me either.

Okay, that wasn't quite true... that seems to be where I am right now. I have a choice from three different directions, each take me to three very different places.

So which way am I going to go? Oh I dunno... forward maybe?


Jess said...

Forward, yes, that is the correct word. I am so happy you didn't use that horrible "straight" word...LOL!!

Remember when I came to you over a year ago? Yes, I was in the same spot you were...that was a big, huge turning part in my life...I took the step blindly and so far, I have enjoyed the shit out of myself!

Love you!

Deb said...

Yes.. thanks to you I no longer consider using the term "going straight," it is always "going forward."

And you do know the reason you are enjoying yourself, don't you? It is because out of the entire population of the world, you are the only one that is privileged enough to share an office with me. That makes you very special, and no wonder you are enjoying yourself so much.


tallyho_2022 said...

Get a room! No, just kidding. I also think forward is the best answer. I usually make a stupid list of pros vs cons and go from there. Sometimes it actually works, sometimes I end up with a flat tire in the middle of the night with no cell phone. Either way you end up where you are supposed to be.
Cheers Tallyho

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Deb, whatever you do will be the right thing for you. You are far wiser than you know, and everything will resolve itself in the best possible way for everyone. We can't really ask for more than that, can we?

Good luck in slogging through the woods with all those paths, all different but each with something to offer.

BikerbabeNJ said...

you'll be fine, you've got us!