Monday, November 12, 2007

The Definition of Bravery

I have always had brown hair. Just. Brown. Of late I have been considering a change to auburn, but I was afraid I would hate it so I put it off. You have to understand that changing anything like that is a HUGE decision for me and I have to think it through all the way to the end. Actually, it only just occurred to me that if I hated it then I could just redo it back to Just. Brown. I had even discussed the issue with the handsome JC and said I wasn't sure what I'd look like with red hair. His response was, "You'd look like a hot redhead." Typical man. They just don't understand the thought processes of us girls.

This morning I woke up brave and now my hair is auburn. I LOVE IT. He was right. I look like a hot redhead.


*sorry guys, this one was for all us girls who have agonized over just these types of decisions*


Odat said...

That is wonderful News!!!! I wanna see!!!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

It's gorgeous! Good for you and great choice of auburn! I love how it dances with the light!