Friday, October 26, 2007

And Time Stood Still (or something like that)

Intelligent conversation has prevailed in the workplace today. This morning's topic was: the earthquake the stopped the earth's rotation for 2 milliseconds.

Much speculation has gone into how we, as humans, KNOW that the earth stopped for those 2 milliseconds. Time actually stopped (apparently). Did we feel it? Were we in the midst of other intelligent conversations and our mind just went blank for that amount of time? Did gravity fail us and those of us with big ass syndrome suddenly felt thin? Did our breasts suddenly become perky again for those milliseconds? (This brings to mind another conversation I have had with the best friend, the WRS, about how breast implants should be filled with helium, but that will be covered on another day.)

How does a person gauge earth rotation stoppage? I didn't witness anyone falling off the planet anywhere, but then again maybe I was alone at the time. (Personally, I think that is the day that I had the epiphany about the ex-boyfriend. My IQ has risen by vast amounts since I shed myself of him. That had to be the result of something drastic.)

Anyone have any other ideas on this?


CGHill said...

I once had a cheap office chair give way under me, and I got the distinct impression that the rotation of the earth stopped for rather a lot longer than a few milliseconds, but my perspective was presumably skewed by, among other things, having chair parts on top of me.

Odat said...

Oh I knew exactly when it happened...I was in a long, boring meeting yesterday and turned to a collegue and said: "doesn't it feel like time is standing still"?
And to find out it really!