Monday, September 24, 2007

Going Home

4:00 a.m., Annapolis, Maryland

I am up at this ungodly hour to get ready for my flight back home to Savannah which leaves at 6:30 a.m. It has been a strange weekend (what a long, strange trip its been - name that tune).

Anyway, I may or may not post about things that happened on this trip. One detail will emerge I suspect, if not the rest, but I am not quite ready to share it.

One thing I will share will make some of your eyes roll at me and wonder wtf I am thinking when I do this - I again snooped on the ex boyfriend's blog. Yes Biker and Odat.... I know.

He had a picture of a hippo in a bikini, and the usual comments about his ex girlfriend. Also gleefully participating was the new girlfriend. I find it interesting that the type of woman he chooses to knock boots with would suck up to the extent of castigating someone she doesn't know, has never met and has never seen, all for the sake of being a yes girl. Come on girlfriend, he's not that good. (LOL)

Anyway, I wouldn't be caught dead in a yellow bikini.


The CEO said...

We don't do yellow bikinis in Maryland. We skinny dip.

Brian J. said...

You wouldn't be caught dead in a yellow bikini? Do yellow bikinis make fleeing zombies faster, or what?

Deb said...

I was right on the Chesapeake, so skinny dipping might be plausible, if not probable. :-)

And YOU Mr. Noggle, penalty for improper zombie usage.

curmudgeon said...

Truckin' ;)

And I wouldn't be caught dead in a yellow bikini either. Just so you know.

Odat said...

Yes I am rolling my eyes x 100 missy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say.

Deb said...

5 million points to Curmudgeon for getting the song. YAYYYYYYYY

And I know Odat, but I just couldn't help myself, and I know you'll love me anyway. lol

BikerbabeNJ said...

I knew the song, just didn't get around to reading this before Curmudgeon... damn him.... stole my points. anyhoo.....

(eyes rolling)