Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Want To Goooooooooo

Once upon a time I was married to a man who claimed he liked to travel, and he did... as long as it was places of his choosing and his parents went along. Back in those days I didn't like to travel much.

BUT, now that I get to choose where I go and what I see, the travel bug has hit me in a big way. Last year I was in the final planning stages of my trip to Scotland, and yesterday the urge struck to go see someplace new. I had JC on IM at the time (I was at work), so I sent him a message.... "Hey.. lets go to Key West." His response was, "Okay."

This is so cool, to have something like that occur to me and have him be all for it. And I'm betting he won't want his parents along.



Brian J. said...

Everyone should make a pilgrimage to the Hemingway House once in his or her lifetime if possible.

The CEO said...

Have a ball!