Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I am a fairly decent cook. I can usually turn a collection of random foodstuffs into something edible. However, I do occasionally have major failures, as was the case this weekend.

I attempted to make split pea soup. Normally I love split pea soup, but obviously it is not one of my talents. I couldn't finish even one bowl of the stuff. It isn't even good enough to feed to my vicious guard dog (although that could be considered his punishment for trying to bite the neighbor). But that leads me to another dilemma... how does one dispose of a full pot of disgusting split pea soup??

I think I'll start a list of things that are difficult to dispose of:

Broken vibrator (don't ask)
Unwanted Pot Pipe (really don't ask)
Disgusting Split Pea Soup

Maybe I should stick with cooking the basics for a while. My mom and my daughter both have the cooking talent of the family. It must have skipped a generation.

On to other developments....

I spoke to the WRS (a/k/a World Reknowned Scientist a/k/a bestest friend) via email yesterday, seeing as how he is such a busy guy these days. He was telling me how he was enjoying the power of his new (temporary) position of running an institute. He mentioned that he was "putting a cap in the ass" of anyone who was being negative. The conversation was ongoing until I reminded him that the phrase "putting a cap in his ass" was so completely American. hehe

And finally, Brian J. Noggle has posted another installment of Ask Dr. Creepy. I have found this to be one of my favorite things to read in the blog world, but Dr. Creepy doesn't come out to visit very often.


Billy's said...

you can cook a meal for me anytime as long as it's not RABBIT lol :)

Odat said...

Uses for pea soup:
-Spackling walls
-Sculpting lil green men
-Sell to Movie Company for remakes of The Exorcist
-Pluggin holes in dams


Crankster said...

Odat scooped me on this one, but I'd suggest finding a movie theater that's showing a re-release of the Exorcist and spraying the soup all over the audience at a key moment. Admittedly, this isn't a really nice thing to do, but talk about a memory that you'll cherish...

Shay said...

Dump it in the toilette. That magic porcelain bowl will get rid of anything. Except mini cars and plastic dolls.