Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm a Schmoozer

The divine Odat has bestowed upon my person the above Schmooze Award. I'm not exactly sure why, as lately I have been decidedly anti-social (as demonstrated by her recent message to me asking why I was "hiding"). I expect she's thinking about the times that I'm not anti-social. I suppose I should take this as a sign from the gods that I am to stop being anti-social and resume my schmoozing ways.

I'll get right on that. I'll start next Wednesday.

Wait.. I need more tea... be right back -

Okay I'm back.

I did a Google image search for the word schmooze and found this picture that expresses my true feelings for being chosen for this prestigious award:

Thanks Odat. :-)

Now, on to the fun part (and the only rule required as part of the award) - choosing 5 blogs that I believe have schmoozing power:

1. The wonderful C.G. Hill at Dustbury (who had to be included since he recently returned from a schmoozing world tour and whom can speak car language).

2. The lovely Shay at Endless Days (a talented photographer and butterfly mom, and who bravely sleeps through vibrating needles piercing her skin).

3. Exquisite Aisby at Maybe I'm Just Confused (one of the fearless - a schoolteacher and certified diver, although not at the same time).

4. The clever Soubriquet at Grit in the Gears (a poetic soul and also a cunning Brit, but as far as I know doesn't own any badgers or squirrels).

5. My favorite Curmudgeon at Curmudgeonisms (whom I expect to totally snort at this award, but too bad, he's getting it anyway).


curmudgeon said...

Me? [snort] A schmoozer? [snort] BWAH!!!

Thanks anyway though. ;)

Odat said...

If ya don't schmooze, ya loose!!!
(but in your case, you "used" to schmooze, so ya didn't loose. ahahaha) Nice pic! lmao.

Shay said...

I'm shocked to find myself on your list of schmoozers. I think I'm tearing up. (snif) I want to thank Mom and Dad, my sister, God, friends, my boss and coworkers, neighbors, the postman, and of course all of my wonderful fans! Without my fans I would be nothing. (snif)

CGHill said...

For a minute there, I thought she was talking about Shmoos, the mysterious creature that used to wander around the L'il Abner universe. But then I remembered that the proper plural of Shmoo was in fact "Shmoon."