Monday, July 16, 2007

Bits & Pieces

1. My son arrives today for a two week visit. Posting may be sporadic, but I'll do my best. Keeping this blog a secret is becoming a challenge, but that makes it fun. :-)

2. I was reading on MSN this morning about the male mid-life crisis, myth or madness. It makes for interesting reading. I only have one thing to say - men are not the only ones who go through it. Women may not go out and buy the flashy cars or hook up with the 20 something year olds to stroke their egos, but women do have the times when our lives as status quo are questioned, analyzed to the extreme, and sometimes ran away from. Men, if you wonder why your wives seem to question why you aren't the romantic man she sees on the television, why you don't bring her flowers every other day, why you don't do this, that or the other thing, maybe it is her version of the midlife crisis. Sometimes we forget that happiness is in our own hands. ;-)

3. Hot tea & cookie dough - the breakfast of champions.

4. I need to wash my dishes before I go to work.

5. My brother (the airline pilot), was talking to his girlfriend's parents about his wanting to propose to his girlfriend. He told them that his family is VERY religious, and that his family will insist that the wedding take place at their church (not true, by the way). He then went on to tell them that his family attends one of those churches that handles the rattlesnakes during the services, and that they will be expected to participate in rattlesnake handling for the wedding. I have no idea what their reaction to that was, but it had to be priceless. He finally came clean and told them it wasn't true. They must be good people if they didn't murder him on the spot. I am torn between being in awe of his wicked sense of humor, and being grateful that I never have to ride in a plane that he is piloting.

6. Why is it that weekends pass by in a flash, but Mondays and Tuesdays always seem to last forever??

7. I messed up big time last week at work, forgot to do something that I was supposed to do before I took off for my vacation days. I then had to go and confess my sins to my boss. It is to his credit that he didn't come across his desk and choke me to death on the spot (I fully expected that reaction). He calmly told me what I needed to do to fix it. I asked him did he want to slap me around - he said yes, but he'd get over it. The next day I bought him a pack of Guiness beer and emailed him to tell him that I was not above attempting to buy my way out of deep shit. His response was: "Bribe accepted."

8. I have a weird dog. He's scared of the oven. No kidding... when I turn the oven on, he goes and hides. I have no idea why.

9. I think I'll skip 9 & 10. Actually, I have no idea why I did this post this way, it just happened. I'm sorry that it doesn't complete the expected 1 through 10 set up, but hopefully you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Have a great Monday!


BikerbabeNJ said...

Forgiven. We still wubs ya anyway.

Aisby said...

HA! Your brother is hilarious! What airline does he work for again, I'm not flying that one.

Deb said...

Thanks biker chicklet. :)

Yes Aisby he is rather funny. I'd better not say which one he works for. Just pretend that every pilot you see has no sense of humor and you'll be fine (that is how I cope).

heartinsanfrancisco said...

What airline does your brother fly for? What a funny story. I wonder what he tells his passengers while flying over the Grand Canyon or the ocean.