Friday, June 22, 2007


I received an extremely nice surprise yesterday. I was going along my day in the usual fashion, which was, of course, working my little stumpy fingers to the bone. (hehe)

Anyway, right after lunch the receptionist buzzed me and asked me to come downstairs. So down I went. When I got down there, waiting for me was a delivery of flowers. Orchids. Purple. Absolutely gorgeous.

The Handsome JC sent me flowers.

I was speechless.

I'm still speechless. Nobody else has ever sent me flowers.


Odat said...

I bet they're beautiful....just like you!

BikerbabeNJ said...

You deserve them... enjoy!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Well, it's about time. You deserve orchids every day for brightening so many lives.

Enjoy the hell out of them, and him, you gorgeous stumpy-fingered bombshell.

Deb said...

Hearts, your comment made me giggle.

I am enjoying the hell out of both - the flowers and him.