Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nothing Important Really - Just An Observation

I was talking last night to a person who has become very important to me. We were discussing our past relationships and how we made some seriously WRONG turns. The men in my past had different priorities, which isn't really an issue, but it does become comical when I think back on it. My ex husband's priorities were how he was perceived by people outside of his family. The ex boyfriend's priority was the performance. Ex husband had to be sure that outside people respected him, ex boyfriend liked to think that he was the best ever in bed.

I have a message to both of them (not that they'll ever see it, but I like the idea that everyone else will - catty of me? maybe......).

Ex husband - your family were the important ones, their perception of you was what was important, its too bad you never saw that (and still don't).

Ex boyfriend - what I have now in my life makes you look like a timid little christian, so get over yourself.

I feel better now.




heartinsanfrancisco said...

Your comment to ex-husband is dead-on, and the one to ex-boyfriend made me start my day laughing.

You are wonderful.

Deb said...

Yeah.. the new guy liked the comment to ex boyfriend as well.

Go figure. ;-)