Saturday, June 30, 2007

It Was An Opportunity I Could Not Pass Up

Yesterday when I was at work, I was minding my own business, I was doing my job, I was diligently behaving in a reasonable fashion, when out of the blue.. yes, the blue.... came an email from my ex husband. Usually I cringe when I get emails from him because most often they are emails telling me bad news. He doesn't ever email good news.

So, doing my good ex wife duty, I opened the email and peeked at it through squinted eyes, bracing myself for what was to come.

It was a love note.

Obviously, he had meant to send it to his girlfriend (who, coincidentally, has the same first name as me). I swear to God it was like Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July and a new puppy all rolled into one. I called my office partner over and we both had a few minutes bout of uncontrollable laughter, tears streaming, the works.

Of course you know I had to send a response.

My first response was: "Are you cheating on me or have you FINALLY started to recognize my wonderful qualities??"

No response from him.

So I sent another (he had said in the email how tired he was): "I'm sorry I wore you out last night, I'll go easier on you tonight."

Still no response.

So of course, another response to him was required: "When you call out my name, are you sure you aren't thinking about her??"

Still nothing.

My last response: "Its nice to know that after all these years, I still got it."

That one finally got a response from him. He was forced to confess that he had sent the email to the wrong Deb (NO REALLY??) I, of course, could not let him off the hook that easily, so I fired off one more at him. "You mean that wasn't meant for me?? Oh MAN you build me up and then knock me right back down."

Yesterday was a good day. hehe


The CEO said...

When you have days like this, you need to savor them, and make sure you blog every moment for posterity.

Odat said...

Very funny Deb!!!

Nina said...

Great day? Sounds like a jewel of a day!

Love it!