Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Okay, so you guys know that I share my office with a lesbian. I love her to death (not in that way so shaddup you pervs), she's a riot on most days.

Yesterday I was calmly sitting at my desk, and she comes running up the stairs in great excitement. She dashes into the office, waving her arms around, a big assed grin on her face, and then tells me that there is a queen downstairs.

A what?


Okay (says, I, pretending to understand).

She then goes on to tell me that there is a guy downstairs, in our very office building, that dances at the local gay bar. A "QUEEN." She then points him out to me (he had gone out the back door with some other people), and mimics his pointing like a girl and then she started doing the gay bar dance.

I asked did he recognize her from the bar.

No, she didn't think so.

It was pretty interesting, really. My mother would be appalled. hehe


Odat said...

I don't know what could be more exciting....this...or the fired employee of our company who is standing in front of our building with a sign stating that the FBI
f****ed his wife...because she has nodules on her genitalia....(really)...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It sure helps to make the workday pass quickly.

Anythng that would appall my mother is A-OK with me.

Note to Odat:


The CEO said...

And you didn't take pictures? Why have digital cameras? You could have made your office roomies day.