Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Movie Time

I watched Snakes on a Plane. I really had no intention of doing so, but I was told by a reliable source that its good for a laugh.

The reliable source was right.

The movie is as cheesy as it gets. Anyone who knows me knows that I love cheesy movies, and this one made the list. It has every cliche there is. The two having sex are the first to die. The girl, being topless, has her.. ummm.. unmentionable part (okay nipple) clamped down on by a poisonous snake. It was pretty funny. Another guy who can't stop looking at himself in a mirror gets it in another unmentionable way.

What I thought was funny is the snakes liked going down people's throats and the people would just sit there and let it happen. Weird really.

If you are up for a laugh, go for it. Don't expect it to be good for anything more than comedy relief. It rates up there with Buttcrack in the cheese ratings.


Billy said...

sounds more like a porn movie lol

Odat said...

I never saw the movie...probably never will....