Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've Been Bad, I Need Therapy

When did going to therapy become a form of public apology? I am (at this point) referring to the San Francisco mayor who was recently outted about having an affair with a married woman. I have no idea if he is married or not, that is beside the point. The point is, he was caught and now he is checking himself into rehab. This isn't the newest idea in the world. Remember a few weeks ago, the Miss USA (or some such silly title like that), was caught drinking, and she was underage. Instead of having her title taken away, she went to rehab. Rehab makes everything better. Rehab earns a person oodles of forgiveness. Rehab is the new confessional. With rehab nobody ever has to face up to the true consequences of what they have done.

I can see it now... a 5 year old sneaks a cookie for dinner and gets caught. "I'm really sorry mommy, I need rehab." Our kids are learning some valuable lessons.

I mean really - I have been no angel in my life, but if I am ever confronted I will just say I need rehab. That will fix everything.


Bikerbabenj said...

One of our local DJ's brought up this same topic. He said years ago, someone with a true addiction, would silently slip into a rehab in an effort to "fix" things BEFORE they go to far, not choose that AFTER they are caught. At one time, it used to be embarrassing to have an addiction, now it's a status symbol. IE: Lindsay Lohan (spelling) As long as people will continue forgiving them thinking that they are attempting to straighten things out, it will remain socially acceptable to use rehab as a crutch. I too, found this exact topic quite disturbing.

mist1 said...

I swear, every year I need rehab for something new. But, I never have to say I'm sorry.

Just D said...

Way to go Mist!