Sunday, January 28, 2007

Things I Remember

I was sitting here listening to The Eagles, and that song The Best of My Love came on. It has the line at the first, "Every night, I'm lying in bed, holding you close to my dreams." BUT.. when I was a kid there was an AM radio station that at that time played rock music, and I would occasionally turn out the lights in my bedroom and listen to the music in the dark. Someone had manipulated the song to sing, "Every night, I'm lying in bed, listening to KOMA." Now, because of that, everytime I hear that song, that line is what I expect to hear instead of the correct line. Is KOMA still alive?

I was a tomboy. Its true, I was. One of my favorite things in the world to do was to go the field at the end of our street and hunt for horny toads. I thought there was nothing better in the world than to spend the day playing with my captive pet. They are very gentle, almost to the point of being tame, and would just stoically endure all my affection. (I always let them go at the end of the day.)

Ice Cream Trucks. I don't remember them being a very regular visitor to our neighborhood, but when they did come look out... You would see every kid from one end of the block to the other running into the house to get 50 cents from their parents to buy an ice cream. I never see Ice Cream Trucks here.

The smell of Playdough and Crayola Crayons. They take me alllllll the way back to age 7 again.

June Bugs. I find it so funny to see a girl (or a guy, anyone) shriek when they see a June Bug. They were another one of those things I used to play with, the small ones were just cute, but the big ones.. they would tickle so much you couldn't keep them in your hand for long. Yes tickle. They have prickly legs and them crawling around on your hand would almost always cause a fit of the giggles.

Playing "Chicken" with my next door neighbor. We used to stand in the yard barefoot and throw knifes at each other's feet to see who would jump. Oddly enough, neither of us lost a toe.

Building stilts. The same next door neighbor that I played chicken with, she and I built a set of stilts. That kept us occupied for weeks I think. One or the other of us were constantly walking around on those things. "Its my turn!" "It is not!"

Paul Simon. Being at that same next door neighbor's house late at night one night, and a Paul Simon record playing. "Get out the back, Jack... Make a new plan, Stan..."

Airplanes. Our house was right in line of the Will Rogers World Airport runway. The noise was outrageous, and the planes flew so low we could read the small print on the bottom. We got used to it. My brother, however, is now an airline pilot. I'm thinking it affected him more than it did me. He now flies into the OKC airport from that direction... he tells me it is a surreal experience, seeing it from the there and knowing so well what it looked like from the ground.

Thunderstorms. An Oklahoma thunderstorm is sometimes an awesome thing to behold.


Okay, enough nostalgia for this morning. I have a fire going in the fireplace, The Eagles blaring, and I believe I will go make an omelette and bacon for breakfast.



Odat said...

LOL...I'm not going to say ewww cause I was a tomboy too...maybe that;s why you're my blog idol and friend.....We had horntoads as pets! My Dad brought them home. Mom wanted to kill him. I used to go out in the yard and collect spider eggs in a shoe box and bring them in the house and wait for them to hatch! (Mom really loved that!)....We have ice cream trucks around here...but have the ice cream bars gotten smaller of have I just grown up????? It's nice to think back on great memeories.....thanks for sharing.

Bikerbabenj said...

Great walking through memory lane with you. I was a tomboy as well, but as for the insects and rodents??? well... that WASN'T me. I was climbing trees and building forts and stuff. I even think we played doctor inside those tents a few times.... hmmm... ok nevermind that... Was a great post for a dismal Sunday morning.

silently singing... we'll go walking through the park... dancing in the dark and reminiscing.

mist1 said...

I was a tomboy too. Now June bugs make me scream. I don't know what happened to me.

Dana said...

Deb, I just posted today on FB about the Eagles "The Best of My Love" and how KOMA changed the opening. I remember listening to that song so many times (I grew up in Montana, but we could actually tune in to KOMA late at night).