Saturday, January 27, 2007


I was told by my boss on Thursday that yesterday (Friday) was going to be a nightmare day, lots of things that had to be filed, and he was going to be in depositions for part of the day. So I prepared. When I got up yesterday I had loads of caffeine, I wore my running shoes to work.. I was good to go.

When I arrived, he hadn't started on any of it.

So while he was in his depositions, I did random chores, waiting for him to come back and pile the work on me. I didn't speak to him again until after 5:00, as I was about to leave, when the deposition had broken up for a short break. He stepped out, charmed me into making them another pot of coffee, and entertained me while I busied myself with that. After a bit I could contain it no longer.. I asked about the things that were to be done, he just said he wasn't expecting the depositions to go so long. I, in my ever helpful way, reminded him that I had said he shouldn't keep it until the last second.

I swear to God, I haven't had anyone look at me in such a murderous way since I was married.

I burst out laughing, he walked away muttering.

I love my job. hehe

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Scorpy said...

I am going to steal this picture asnd frame it above my desk!