Friday, January 12, 2007

My Mood Lately

I have been in a crappy mood lately. I've been going through things here in the apartment and throwing a lot of stuff away... some of it I expected to never give up. Time to give it all up.

I'm making some changes and some things have to go, but this puts me in a shitty mood (mostly because I'm a sentimental git, but sentimentality gets me nowhere).

Time to take a load of crap to the dumpster.

Anyone interested in a set of ~slightly~ used handcuffs or a Grateful Dead Darkstar bear? ;-)


mist1 said...

I'm sitting here doing the same thing. Do you want a Casio keyboard with karaoke capabilities (used once)?

Bikerbabenj said...

snap the fuck out of it!!!

will ya?


Odat said...

I'll trade you my silk tie collection for the handcuffs...ahahhahaha

Crankster said...

I'm clearing out as well. On the bright side, it makes me feel so much lighter.