Saturday, December 09, 2006


I seem to have become jaded in the last year. I have a hard time seeing the good in people these days, mostly what I see is people using each other to get what they want, people doing whatever it takes to get something for nothing, people suing anyone who looks at them sideways in an effort to pad their bank account. When I do start to see the good in someone, they do something to completely prove my point, which disappoints me beyond all description.

Whatever happened to people just being who they are? Is it that impossible to get ahead in this life without stepping on and hurting someone else to get there, and if the only way to get there is to hurt someone, is it worth doing? Has everyone seemed to have forgotten that behind those faces that they kick in to fuel their own agendas, is a real, live person with real, live feelings?

Enough already.

This past year has not been pleasant, and it seems to be going downhill from there.

And don't even get me started on the old cliches about how we make our own happiness, etc. That's bullshit. Making our own happiness is all well and good until someone comes along to beat us down, for no other reason than its because they CAN. I realize now that nobody is going to care about how I feel about things, with very few rare exceptions.

Yup. I have had enough.


Odat said...

Hmmm...I care...does that count??

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Odat said what I was going to say. I know we're cyberfriends and all, but we're real live people with real live feelings, too.

If you want to talk (write) about it, know that we'll listen. We come here because we like you.

There ARE a lot of opportunistic, nasty-ass people out there, but strangely, even ONE good and caring person has the power to negate so much of their bad and hurtful stuff.

I really believe that good does ultimately triumph, or else we wouldn't still be inhabiting this beautiful planet.

Mark said...

Mean people suck. I ignore them. I can do this because I have a lot of guns and therefore could, without warning, go on a drunken rampage and kill them all. This would never happen but it is a fantasy that gets me through the day. Click, boom!

Fuck 'em, let 'em buy their own Dorittos.

The CEO said...

I have been trying to think of how to write this very post myself after this week. You did it better than I could have. Thank you.