Thursday, November 16, 2006


My mom emailed me pictures of my cousins, whom I haven't seen in many, many (many) years. I opened the email, and sat here staring at the pictures for a few minutes.

Those people are fucking old. My cousins got old. How did it happen that my cousins could get old like that but I stayed exactly the same?

Shaddup Odat.


Odat said...

Ahem.....not saying anything!!!!!


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Isn't it strange how everybody else does that aging thing? I wonder why. Do they thnk it's cute, or funny? Well, it isn't. It's downright confusing.

"Hi, and who did you used to be?"


Ha! I came across a picture of an old boyfriend (We dated when I was 19) on the Internet. He looked really old, too. Good thing I didn’t stay with him because people would have thought he was my dad, not my hubby. ;)